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3ml pod

Hand-sanitizing, scented and dermo protective lotion

  • Disinfecting lotion composed of 80% alcohol which eliminates bacteria and viruses.
  • 100% natural, refined and ultra-fresh perfume created in a French Haute Parfumerie workshop
  • Does not stick and leaves your skin soft.
  • Responsible and innovative Eco packaging: a simple press of your fingers is enough.
  • The solution to replace bottles


3ml Illustration with instructions

Simple. Safe. Effective. Pleasure.

3ML manufactures and markets a hand sanitizing solution that combines safety and pleasure in use.

Formulated with 80% alcohol and glycerin, the 3ML solution is quick and efficient, in order to eliminate 99% of bacteria and respect your skin.

Formulated with 100% natural essential oils, your skin is freshly scented and purified. The hand lotion is recommended for daily use, especially during the SARS-COVID epidemic period.

3ML is does not contain phenoxyethanol or paraben.

The 3ML lotion is made in France.

how to use 3ml

Efficiency on bacteria and viruses

Hydro-alcoholic lotion composed of 80% alcohol and of ingredients capable of eliminating 99% bacteria and viruses. Fast, active in just 30 seconds. No need for drying or rinsing.

Environmentally friendly

The packaging is made from biodegradable and recyclable materials, certified under EN 13432 standards. They are made from renewable sources in accordance with the Ellen Mc Arthur foundation principles of sustainable development. 


WHO (World Health Organization)-validated formula. Hydroalcoholic lotion containing neither phenoxyethanol nor paraben. We take care of your skin, that's why we added glycerin and 100% natural and purifying essential oils.

Comfort in use

Need neither your teeth nor scissors; You no longer need both hands to open a bag: a simple finger pressure is enough. No spilling or waste of the product. Patented use technology.

Logo de l’Atelier Français des matières

The pleasure of perfume
A tailor-made creation

by Antoine LIE, Master perfumer

Olfactory emotion

An ultra-fresh and intoxicating fragrance, with citrus, aromatic and spicy notes, supported by woody touches of vetiver and patchouli. Contains 100% natural essential oils selected for Haute Parfumerie.

Main ingredients

‘Grand-Cru’ labelled brands used in the 3ML lotion are quality ingredients from identified terroirs, of an exceptional quality, and exclusive to the Atelier Français des Matières lab.

Bergamot essence

Ionian coast Calabre - Italy

Fine lavander

Redortiers – France

Mint essence

Nanah Guizert – Marocco

Image d'un arbre dans une bulle

Environmentally responsible

3ML contributes to the circular economy by having been designed with the aim of using, in addition to conventional materials, recyclable homopolymers and biodegradable materials suitable for compost. In accordance with the principles of the circular economy manifesto published by the Ellen Mc Arthur Foundation, the materials are reusable in subsequent production cycles, minimizing waste and respecting the environment. In addition, thanks to a strategic collaboration with NatureWorks, we are currently developing a 100% suitable for compost multi-layer industrial packaging. The single dose, the ink and adhesives are all made of certified materials according to EN 13432 standards. 

Product description

Single dose of hand-sanitizing bactericide lotion scented with 100% natural essential oils. 

Pod size : 87x52 mm
Content : 2.7ml
Origin of the lotion: France

Direction of use

Directly pour the lotion on dry hands, and rub for a few seconds, until they are completely dry again. 


Appearance : liquide mobile, limpide
Scent : citrus, mint
Colour : none
Relative density: 0.86g/ml
Concentration d’alcool isopropylique: 80V/V
Solubility in water : full
Durability : 15-25°C   2 years
Fabrication : Mai 2020
Composition : Ethylic alcohol 80%, Glycerol, hydrogen peroxide, perfume-Citral- D lemonene Eugenol- Linalcohol  

Norms certifications

EN 13727 : bactericide activity for hand hygiene. (medical norm level)

EN 1650 :   fongicidal activity

EN 14476 : yeasticidal, virucidal activity

3ml display box


Box display : quantity 250 pods

Display dimensions: 160x160x185mm

Minima : 1000 pods (4 displays)



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