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About us

3 men for 3ML

Thierry Bride

3ML founder Thierry Bride restlessly looks for easy, efficient, and innovating solutions to everyday problems. He markets lotion unidoses in an innovative and responsible packaging.

Always striving for excellence, Thierry chose, for his sanitising lotion, to collaborate with Antoine Lie, Master Perfumer, and his friend Remi Pulverail, head of the Atelier Français des matières, a passionate lover of perfumes and who sources the best ingredients.

« This partnership with Rémi and his Atelier Français de matières was an evidence to me. Today, consumers are more demanding than ever, and would not compromise between efficiency, pleasure, and respect for the environment. Every single new product will have to fulfill all of these criteria in order to convince, and especially to stay around.”

Rémi Pulvérail

In contact with the producers of the most precious perfume plants, Rémi Pulvérail travels the world in search of the rarest natural extracts.

By founding the Atelier Français des matières (French Workshop of Materials), he offers exclusive creations that delight lovers of precious perfumes.

Rémi has created an alternative and unique model labeled Haute Parfumerie. In addition to making Grands Crus extracts available on its palette of ingredients, it offers perfumers a fully equipped creation and manufacturing laboratory to give life to confidential perfume projects.

He agreed to provide 3ML with his expertise by designing and manufacturing the 3ML Haute Parfumerie hydroalcoholic lotion.

Antoine Lie

Antoine LIE, master perfumer, collaborates with the French Materials Workshop on numerous Haute Parfumerie projects.

He was immediately seduced by the idea of perfuming the lotion in a single dose developed by Thierry Bride and Rémi Pulvérail, and with the same requirement as for the creation of a rare perfume!

«The quality requirement was high for the consumer to perceive a real difference; I was able to use - despite their cost - the most beautiful essences and thus create without constraint a summer and joyful fragrance, with this ‘blend’ of citrus, aromatic plants and mint…»