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Frequently asked questions

What is the consistency of 3ML?

No one likes having gel-filled sticky hands, right? We chose a lotion formula, for its pleasure-oriented use.


What about environmental concerns ?

3ML is designed with a real respect for the environment in mind. The packaging is now 80% recyclable. We are in the process of developing a fully recyclable packaging and hope to share it with you soon.

In addition, the fragrance was developed exclusively from 100% pure and natural essential oils from the best "terroirs" selected by a recognized expert.

Finally, 3ML has chosen local production in order to reduce the product's carbon footprint as much as possible.


Won’t the perfume wear off in a few seconds?

Not at all. A genuine scented (and addictive!) wake lingers after rubbing your hands with the 3ML lotion. This is the fundamental difference when using high quality components for perfumes, not synthetic molecules ...


What about the efficiency of the 3ML lotion ?

We don’t play around with safety. With 80% alcohol, the 3ML lotion is well above the 60% standards, for a genuine bactericidal and viricidal action, with efficiency tests validated by an independent lab.


Wouldn’t 80% be irritating in the long term?

We have planned it all, by adding a quality hydrating product to preserve your hands, and really smoothen them.


Where can I buy 3ML for personal use, as an individual consumer?

Contact us through the contact form. It would be our pleasure to indicate a retailer depending on your location.


Is it possible to distribute 3ML to my customers under my own brand, by affixing my logo on the pods?

Of course it is. We can develop 3ML using your graphic charter and your logo. The unit quality of the product will contribute to enhancing the image of your company.

Please contact us for further details.


How can I become a retailer?

Don’t hesitate to contact us through the contact form. It would be our pleasure to consider your offer, depending on your market.